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How the Architecture influence Spaces


We all have described spaces many a times as beautiful, messy, dirty, and clean and sometimes have been wonderstruck by its magnificent look. Why do we call any place that is neatly organised, clean and bright as a museum or even library? Well, that’s instilled in our minds about the way certain places look and implying them in our daily activities.

What makes a space, be if office or home or any other place more captivating? Yes, that’s the architecture of that place. Architecture is the art of designing structure for places. Not just looks, but the whole outlook and feel of the space is improvised by architecture.

The modern architecture is more of jammed look, high sky scrapers, and tall buildings with less room for interaction between people. How does one feel when the place is bright and shiny? Or when it’s gloomy and dark, with less space for natural resources to flow in? Definitely the answer is bright places.

Architecture of a place should always revolve around the people of that place. Due to lack of space and time, people are confining themselves within walls, leading to many mental ailments that go unnoticed. They silently suffer the pain.

A space, anything for that matter, should fulfil the purpose of its existence. Like a home should have good ventilation, and enough space to walk around. We see in many videos the best organised tiny spaces, which really have everything, yet look spacious, more organised and really awesome.

So, it’s not highly impossible to create wonderful designs, but it takes a little more budget and time to create. Unfortunately our architects don’t have the required resources to create models out of computers or even 3D models, to get the real feel and give you all the freedom to choose based on the designing.

From researches it is seen that more than 90% of population stay indoors- like work place and schools, homes etc. so the place should be more calming and enhancing.  Hence the American institute of Architects (AIA) has directed their architects to follow these key areas while designing a space.


  • Being close to nature, in all terms
  • Safety
  • Promote social connectivity
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Ease of moving
  • Carbon footprint


They are said to affect human’s mood on a large scale.

Proper ventilation for natural air, light and shine to come through improves a person’s mood, while saving on the energy. This also reduces the building carbon foot print on the environment. The ventilation system also balances the human hormone system, by producing proper levels of melatonin, Vit D. it is also seen that natural light is another remedy for depression. Not just mentally, but physically the person becomes more active and is most of the times fresh and pleasant minded.

Safety features are to be considered before finalising on a plan. Safety exits in case of natural calamities or human errors should be in place. Safety for elders and children should be taken into consideration.

With busy lifestyle, it’s very easy to get ignored or ignore our neighbours and move on build log homes. But at some of time, we really need to connect with fellow beings. It's better to start it now. So providing space for some connectivity like amphi- theatres and halls are encouraged. Man requires communication and connectivity to stay happy and feel the existence. Loneliness is known to be the reason behind many ailments and evil thoughts.

Libraries are the best place to find some quiet time and go through a fav book though not deeply connected. It’s the need of the hour, where people are literally into machines. A well architected library often adds to the thirst of readers to explore more and experience the sense of mental peace.

Giving ample space for each person to walk around, be it in office or home or a library or museum, it often brings in positive outlook. Else, after a while it converts into irritation to sit in a jam packed place.

Architecture has a vital role in human activity, and this designing is more elaborately concentrated in Asian countries especially in India in the name of ‘Vaastu’. While there are really few benefits of having it followed, few cheaters and fake folks are spoiling the name and trying to make business. They also emphasise on the above topics and encourage people to instil during construction.


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